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2 monthly coaching sessions 1 hour at a time with Dr. Shahin Safarian.


This program is designed for business owners and executives. Each member enrolled trains privately with Dr. Safarian.


Set your business up for exponential revenue growth with sales tools designed for customers to say YES.


Before you make your decision to want help you have to be brutally honest with yourself and stand in front of a mirror naked. Do it as it might help you release many years of pain and heartache. Now honestly are you happy with what you see? Don’t bullshit yourself because you don’t want to get to those sensitive spots in your life. You see it is hard to get to the true pain because it hurts. It hurts to have no father, it hurts to be mentally broken, it hurts to be phat, it also hurts to admit that what you see in the mirror is a combination of little decisions you have made to get you to look and feel this way today. You see it’s all on you and my coaching will help you mature and grow as an individual to hold yourself accountable and take the responsibility for your current mindset.


You see when I was growing up when I wanted to hear the truth I would go to my father as he never sugarcoated anything but he simply told me the truth.


Just two weeks ago my son Mason who is 6 years old very smart and mature for his age used a bad word at soccer practice and was asked to leave practice. Brook my wife and I spoke with him as he was crying and he said I learned this from the two of you. After agreeing with Mason that mommy and daddy need to improve in also not swearing, Brook and I decided along with Mason to be better and do our best to never swear again. Will that happen 100% most likely not but I was honest with him in saying that I agreed with him and he was right. And that is going to be my relationship with you as well. I will tell you when I feel like you are right and when I feel like you are wrong. In the end you will hear the TRUTH. If you want fluff and for me to boost your ego then I am not the coach for you. This is why I am respected as I have traveled the country presenting and speaking to thousands of people just like you.


You can rely on my words as it has meaning. Can you say the same about what comes out of your mouth. Do you stand by your words or are you full of bullshit? I can continue but I think you get the point. Come join me and let’s build a relationship where you can depend and rely on a professional to help you in this journey called life. It is not an easy journey but a very gratifying one if you are internally happy and healthy. Look forward to seeing you on the inside and let’s get to work.

Do you feel alone and everyone you talk
to doesn't understand you?

The more you open and discuss your pain points the more the coaching will benefit you.


Navigate the stress of being a leader while meeting the challenges of your industry with continued momentum to meet your vision, plan and final execution.

Work Life Balance

Work-Life Balance Is a Cycle, Not an Achievement. In order to make real changes in your life, you must continuously remember to pause, connect with your emotions, rethink your priorities, evaluate alternatives, and implement changes — throughout your personal and professional lives.

Stress Management

Stress affects every area of your life: the emotional, the physical, the mental, and more...and that’s just for anyone with a job. But what about entrepreneurs? Entrepreneurs don’t only have more responsibility on their shoulders. The entire nature of their stress is different. A business coach will help you navigate and reduce your stress. No need to do this alone.

Challenging Employees

Employee productivity and communication are key factors to a successful business. Knowing how to recognize these challenges and address them helps increase a your confidence and ability to lead a team.

Compensation Models

Every company needs a compensation plan to organize and strategize how they will attract and retain top talent, as well as to budget in a wise and predictable manner. What does yours look like?

Leadership Coaching

Leverage your leadership skills to maximize performance to better motivate teams and deliver specific personal, professional and organizational goals.

Strategic Planning

Effective strategic planning articulates not only where you organization is going and the actions needed to make progress, but also how it will know if it is successful.

Technology Trends & Threats

To transform your company, cultivate an environment that embraces change and innovation. Put Digital First. Make Change Count. Put People First.
Talent is useless unless you have a vision, a plan and can execute that plan.

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Meet Dr. Safarian

We as people are very inefficient with our time. We will spend hours on social media, go to social events, chase social drama, and watch TV shows like American Idol, Bachelor, CNN or Fox. All in an effort to consume energy that doesn't move you forward and worst surround yourself with negative people and energy. Well I am here to tell you that as your coach this will stop and we will focus on creating "value" for your time. This is not the behavior of a thought leader. When you begin to consume energy that moves you forward after a while you will begin to get random ideas in your head and risk begins to feel more safe both mentally and financially. I will introduce to you the concept of the infinite game as a professional which has many challenges. One needs to understand that it is a process where you must constantly move in the forward/positive direction, you see in life you don't win at anything because it is not a game but rather a process. Most of us are playing a finite game where we look to beat our competition and if we don't, we feel like we lost and maybe you haven't won in a long time.

I want to share a story with you that better explains my point above. You see I went to high school in a small town in Utah and they didn't have a soccer team so for 3 years I played all the other sports. I moved to San Diego (SD) in 1986 to play soccer and to start college. I never had any formal training growing up or played on any organized club team. You can say I was basically a street player. You can imagine with a climate like SD, soccer was a very popular sport and what 18 year old didn't want to come here to play. As a Freshman I came to San Diego State University to play soccer and after 2 weeks of tryouts I got cut from the first team and made the second team. During my Freshman year every day after practice I would ask the coach for all the balls so I can continue to train sometimes until 9 p.m. at night (practice was over at 6 p.m.) and many times the coach would say I am leaving now and would have to turn off the lights and that would end my training session. Remember here is a team that had all-american players that went on to play pro or even on the national team and at the end of the year during the awards ceremony he gave me "the most dedicated player". For 4 years I played 7 days a week up to at times 5-6 hours a day and during those years I got cut from many teams and then in 1992 I became a professional soccer player. All of those players that were "winning" in college now saw me play pro soccer where their competitive soccer had come to an end.

This is just one example of the power of understanding the infinite game, remember you can win the short game but my goal is to help you win in the long game called life and make sure that you have a healthy mindset and are internally happy. My passion driven purpose is to give back and if I am able to create a life of abundance in your mind and heart then I am fulfilled with abundance because I want you to put your head on the pillow comfortably every night. Well at 25 I didn't understand it very well but now at 53 it makes much more sense.

Most people try to win in business or in life and become frustrated, discouraged and at times feel like anything they do doesn't work because they are not advancing. I am here to tell you that you don't win or lose in business or in life. The last thing anybody wants is to be 90 years old and be full of regret. It can be a very painful period in someone's life and nothing can be done about it because you are old.

I can give you my resume where I can tell you that I played pro soccer, received my MBA and became a doctor but that isn't really the true value of what I can bring you personally. My value will be to share with you all of my failures and how I persevered when everything was dark, when I had no money or credit. I can tell you that I studied a total of 13 years after high school but I am not sure how that helps you in being a professional in the real world. In the end if you are looking for a safe, honest relationship with someone that has spoken for some of the biggest companies in the World and have spoken on multiple stages in front of thousands of professionals then we are both in luck. Let's get started and let me help you gain the confidence and passion you once had and help you enjoy putting your head on the pillow every night not worried or stressed about what the next day will bring.

Why Be Average When You Can Be Legendary!


"Your talk was powerful and soul searching. I looked hard into myself and it was surreal to step back and be brutally honest. I think it’s good to do every year or two and make sure that I’m being honest with myself. "

Dr. Brian Steele, Placerville, CA

" I heard Dr. Safarian's presentation at the Full Arch Masters Zygomatic Implant course in Arizona and it was great. He made several good points but the one that struck me the hardest was you can't just out produce your problems. I highly recommend you get to one of his presentations ASAP "

Dr. James Wright, Cincinnati, OH

" With the help of Dr. Safarian and his calm and effective coaching methods I am going to have my best year ever. I have been in private practice for over 40 years and we are on target to gross over $4M in collections in 2021. The best part is my entire team will make more money this year. "

Dr. Steve Poulos, Scottsdale AZ

" Dr. Safarian truly made an impact in the way I approach treatment presentations. His coaching sessions allowed me to significantly increase my production. He gave me key tips that you can apply immediately. He will help you improve the relationship with your patients and your overall satisfaction in your career. Highly recommend his services to my colleagues. "

Dr. Ben Baranes, Arizona

" Dr. Safarian is an expert in clinical dentistry and practice management. Unlike many other consultants, he practices 5 days a week and runs a thriving, comprehensive practice. Somehow, he still finds the time to coach some of the country's top dentists and groups on building and maintaining formidable systems to achieve practice growth. I learned a ton of practical recommendations from him that can be applied Monday morning, as well as contacts with top quality vendors that will lead to savings for my practices. Highly recommend his expertise."

Dr. Ryan S. Lee, Boston MA

" I attended Dr. Shahin's free 1 Hour seminar. The information and resources he shared and the way he answered questions satisfactorily made me decide to sign up for his course. I am a general dentist practicing as an associate for 8 years now. Dr. Safarian is helping me with a startup dental practice, guiding me through the process step by step. I'm very confident that he will continue to be a great resource once we open up our doors. I loved his personalized approach."

Dr. Shoaib Ahmed, Mechanicsburg, PA

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