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Dental Entrepreneur Program: The Skills You Need to Succeed, the Support You Need to Stay the Course

The Dental Entrepreneur Virtual Study Program

An Entrepreneurial Training Program and Virtual Study Club That Will Train You to Grow Your Business and Stay With You Each Step of the Way

$297.00 monthly

Our program for Dental Entrepreneurs designed for self paced learning with practical tools you can apply to grow your practice. Practical lectures and advanced techniques focus on taking your dental practice to the next level.

  • Training: Dental Entrepreneur Program
  • Entrepreneur Training Program: 3 Course Online Curriculum
  • Virtual Study Club: Online Peer Study, Business Mentoring, Expert Workshops

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Dr. Safarian leads the consulting and marketing practice of 7 Figure Dental Practice offering mentorship and marketing services to dental entrepreneurs seeking to advance their practice at all stages. As an expert in the business side of dentistry and a practice owner himself, Dr. Safarian has gathered a growing community of experts and mentors to help you develop your business.

Finally, building a wildly successful dental practice is now a reality. Discover the hidden trade secrets of dentistry that will skyrocket the growth of your practice in 2018 by becoming a strategic partner with a multiple 7-figure practice owner. Here’s what you’re getting (the benefits): Personal access to Dr. Shahin Safarian, Going Over Clinical Cases, POWER Dentistry, Goal achievement, Managing overhead like a PRO, Strategic partnership, “Team Entrepreneurship”, Branding you as the go to dentist. Our Marketing Services: Branding, Analytical Marketing, Practice Marketing & Patient Flow, Website & Social Channel Development.



Everyone wants to be successful, and often, success can be had by emulating the best practices and tactics employed by the best practices. We know these practices and work with you to adopt them. Dr. Safarian individually mentors our Branding & Marketing Best Practices clients, using his experience on an unpaved path to mentor and help dentists in growing their business.

Our Branding & Marketing Best Practices service helps you to grow by preparing a marketing strategy, providing help with specific marketing challenges and adopting best practices. It includes access to our Virtual Study Program and costs $297/Month.



Mobile Friendly, SEO Optimized, Dental Company Tailored Websites

Our 7 Figure Dental Website Package gives you the opportunity to focus on the dental business while our team takes care of your dental website. 20% off for a yearly subscription.

  • 3 Different templates to choose from
  • Modern design fully customizable to the dental company
  • Hosting included
  • Monthly payment plan
  • Mobile friendly websites
  • SEO Optimization included
  • Weekly and monthly backup
  • Maintenance and updates
  • Additional options: monthly or weekly blog articles, automated chat support, SSL certificate


Third time is a charm!  Dr. Safarian is the third consultant we’ve had and he’s by far the best!  He brings both great business acumen and exceptional clinical expertise to our practice.  As a non-dentist owner, I find his input to be invaluable in running our growing, $2.5 million practice.  I have never had someone so energetic and eager to follow up with us as much as it takes to ensure our success.
Thanks Dr. Safarian!

Brandon J. Quijada, CEO, Co-Founder; Smile for Life Dentistry; Phoenix, AZ

I find Dr. Safarian’s Webinar Videos very informative and educational. I have been in practice over 20 years and I learned some insight into private practice that I never thought of before. Dr. Safarian’s Videos touch on different aspects of private practice from leadership, case presentation to running a solo or group practice efficiently.   I watch these videos daily as they are motivational and very well put together. I highly recommend getting involved and watch these valuable webinars as his recommendations can truly change your mindset and your practice.

Saeid Badie, DDS, Owner; Dr. Saeid Badie; Tukson, AZ

I did want to thank you for your webinar last night. There was a lot of good information in it. Some new, and some reminders about the way I should be doing things. Thanks again!

David McCracken, DDS, Owner; Falls Dental; Idaho Falls, ID

Introduction to the Business Training Program “7 Figure Dental Practice”


Dr. Shahin Safarian graduated from Tufts School Of Dental Medicine in 2001 and prior to that time he received his MBA and played 3 years of professional soccer. In 2003 he invested in his first dental practice and through lots of trial and error has learned how to become a successful business owner in our profession.

He currently has 3 dental practices in the San Diego area and he launched “The 7 Figure Dental Institute” in 2017. This program is focused on business training for dentists where they can learn how to run a dental business which is something we never learned in dental school.

In order to access the 90 minutes webinar video please fill in the access form.



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We have some very exciting news coming soon with https://prosomnus.com/. If you want to get involved with sleep apnea we will offer you a program that you can't refuse. Stay tuned! 🤗
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We have a DSO job opportunity for these following cities Boston, Houston, Dallas and Denver. Full benefits paid with ownership opportunities. If you are an Orthodontist or a General Dentist and interested to learn more please call or text me at 858-349-7996. More cities will be opening very soon after this first round of cities. 🙏👊👍
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Here is a video testimonial from Dr. John Garza from his work with Ray Foster, James Dodge and Las Vegas Esthetics Dental Lab. Come join our program and potentially save up to 50% on your lab bill monthly. This will help your bottom line which in turn will help your family. Send me a private message if you are interested in learning more. Have a great day! 🤗👊
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Shahin Safarian DMD, MBA
Shahin Safarian DMD, MBA1 month ago
Hey friends! 👋
Did you check the online webinar with Kevin Ohlendorf? He is the President & Owner from Ohlendorf Appliance Labs. Since 1933, Ohlendorf Appliance Laboratory has been a dental industry leader, providing the industry’s best appliances and complete case solutions. Discussion and webinar topics include:

☑️ How can a GP profit from Orthodontics
☑️ What is more profitable traditional Orthodontics or Clear ☑️ Aligner treatment
☑️ How can team members help increase profitability
☑️ Is treating adults more or less profitable than treating kids
☑️ What are the main challenges for GP’s to start Orthodontic treatment in their practice
☑️ What is the average cost breakdown for doing
☑️Orthodontics in your practice
Shahin Safarian DMD, MBA
Virtual Study Club Session with Ohlendorf Appliance Labs
How Can You Profit With Orthodontics - Appliance Therapy Experts - Finest Specialized and Individually Fabricated Dental Appliances - 3D Technology and CAD/C...

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