5 Methods For Gaining Leads Through Your Website That Dentists Are Using Right Now To Grow Wildly Successful Dental Practices.

  1. Your website should be mobile friendly.

The first method is to have a website that is mobile responsive. 

Everyone is on their smartphone and you need your website to keep up with the latest trends and tech.

They really are cost-effective and they help you reach a wider demographic of potential clients.

  1. The lead magnet should be clear and above the fold.

What does this mean? You should have a clear call to action for your patients. Something like  “book your next free consultation today click here”.

  1. Create a monthly newsletter.

This is a great way to grow your email list.

  1. Your office phone number should be big enough to see and at the top of your site, along with your email.

Not all your patients will have time to make a booking on your site you want to provide them easy access as much as possible.

  1. Local SEO is essential for ranking in your area.

Make sure you have a well thought out strategy in place to get the most out of your search engine ranking.

Bonus Tip:

Finally as a bonus tip make sure you are putting aside money for a monthly advertising budget.

You might be wondering what are the benefits of having an amazing website that will help you get more leads and convert them into long-term customers.

Sure, anyone can have a website these days. There are website templates available that are affordable and many are easy to design, update, and manage.

However, if you are looking to stand out in your local market, then you need an amazing looking website that comes with all the “buttons, bells and whistles” – there’s no getting around it. We live in a digital world and everyone is online, so this means you have to think “outside the box” in order to attract new patients. This is why having an amazing looking website is a must!

There are many advantages of having a top website.

Take a look at why you need a website in 2018.

Having a website in 2018? Is it really necessary I mean technology is moving at the speed of light and social media has taken online marketing by storm.

But here is the catch.

Facebook is where most of our patients hang out on a day to day basis yes it’s true most people spend an average of 5 hours a day minimum on facebook. Unfortunately, with all the new changes to their policy, it’s no longer a free advertising platform.

In order to reach the same amount of patients as before you now have to meet countless of regulations and pay a good amount just to get seen.

That is why having your own website is a much better investment. You know it’s your own asset that you can create the way you like. If you drive traffic to your site and you have a well thought out funnel from a newsletter to a free checkup. There are plenty of good lead magnets for Dentists to choose from that will not only help you get more clients on your site, but it will grow your email list. That is where the real value is in.

A nice looking website also builds credibility, offers convenience for clients and will help boost your brand and overall bottom line.

As well, having a professional looking website will also allow you to build your customer base and customer rapport, and it is also an effective channel for developing and executing a variety of targeted marketing initiatives to your community.

Hire The 7-Figure Dental Practice team and watch your business grow!

You can count on the pros: Hire The 7-Figure Dental Practice team and get your dental practice moving in the right direction

If you want to have an amazing looking website, then you should consider hiring The 7-Figure Dental Practice team. We are a professional dental marketing company that builds scores of professional websites for dental entrepreneurs across the United States and beyond!

Our team has the expertise, skills, and know-how when it comes to building a dental website that will get you noticed online and in your local market. Since you are running a dental practice, we are the pros who will take care of the online work so you can focus on your true passion: being a dentist.

Our firm will also keep your website up-to-date, keep it mobile friendly, and we will post regular content, like blogs, new services, and marketing campaigns, which all help with SEO (search engine optimization) on search engines, including Google. We also take care of hosting and we even make “website-geek-speak” simple so you have a full understanding of how we will help your business.

Even better, our team will also collect emails from your patients, which will be added to your bi-weekly or monthly e-newsletter. Yes, the money is always in the list!

Having a showstopper website is the only way to get ahead in today’s competitive world. But as a dental entrepreneur, you need to invest in a professional looking website in order to grow your business. Don’t go on the cheap; spend some money and make the investment.

If you don’t have a top website, then just think of how much business you are losing to the competition! Yes, you need to be on top of everything online and having a sharp website will take your business to new heights.

The 7-Figure Dental Practice offers website design, hosting, and content and maintenance services for only $297 (USD) per month. This is an amazing deal! We know the business of dentistry and we will help ensure your business and brand keeps growing strong.  

Invest now and get growing your dental practice today!

You will be glad you did!  


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Here are some of the templates samples for you to have a look at.

Website template 1 preview (Dentalica – Dental Office)

Website template 2 preview (Smile Dent – Dental Office)

Website template 3 preview (My Dentist – Dental Office)

Website template 4 preview (Stomatology – Dental Office and Lab)

Website template 5 preview (Science Dentlab – Research and Dental Lab)

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