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  • Dental Entrepreneur Consulting

    From: $750.00 every 2 weeks
    Dental Entrepreneur Consulting: Dr. Safarian leads the consulting and marketing practice of 7 Figure Dental Practice offering mentorship and marketing services to dental entrepreneurs seeking to advance their practice at all stages. As an expert in the business side of dentistry and a practice owner himself, Dr. Safarian has gathered a growing community of experts and mentors to help you develop your business. As a subscriber to our consulting service you will receive expert guidance from Dr. Safarian and access to our premium marketing services. The minimum engagement for our consulting services is 3 months, and customers may request for consulting fees to be spread over each month for easier payment. We will gladly offer you a phone consultation so that we can design an engagement that will advance your practice. If you have any questions or wish to define the scope of your engagement do not hesitate to call us at 858 349 7996.
  • By joining the Dental Entrepreneur Curriculum, not only will you get a virtual key to our extensive course library, you’ll also gain access to our group study sessions and expert workshops. Our goal was to design a program with the most recent, state of the art know-how on running and growing dental practices. By engaging with peer and experts, you will have the tools and the feedback you need to grow.
  • 7 Figure Dental Website

    From: $297.00 / month
    7 Figure Dental Website Package gives you the opportunity to focus on the dental business while our team takes care of your dental website.
  • Dental Marketing Service

    From: $297.00 / month
    If you wish to properly prepare a marketing strategy, require help with a specific marketing challenge, or want help in adopting best practices, then we offer an introductory service where we look at opportunities to improve your branding and your new client funnel. Branding & Best Practices customers receive all the benefits of Membership in the 7 Figure Dental Practice Virtual Study Program and receive assistance in branding their practice and assessing their current marketing practices, evaluating their marketing practices and progress on key customer acquisition metrics.