Specific Services

/Specific Services
  • Call Tracking Setup

    $150.00 / month
    There are so many of you that are simply missing the BIG picture and many times that starts with how the calls are coming in and how they are being managed by your team. I have a client who was getting 167 calls a month and had 40% of them that were simply missed calls. Imagine how many New Patients were missed in that 40%. The other problem is the ability to have your team convert them into actual New Patient exams. Do you know that the National Average of calls coming into an office and converting into New Patients is only 35%. This free bonus program is going to place codes into your website and create the ability for us to track every single action on the above issues and much more.
  • Google Analytics Setup

    $150.00 / month
    We will be able to set this up into your website to track traffic from your website by using Google Analytics (GA). We will be able to set up into your website and start the ability to generate reports that will allow us to better understand website traffic and make sure that we are holding your marketing firm accountable for their quality of work and make sure you are getting a great ROI on your money.
  • Finally, we are going to set up a live-chat software where you are going to have the ability to have your business be open 24 hours a day ,7 days a week. The live-chat service will be able to communicate with anyone that is visiting your website and create a communication in order to capture a "qualified lead" for your business. The qualified lead will include the person's name, phone number and email address. It will also be someone that is seeking a service that you provide and lives close to your business location.
  • My team will analyze your website from SEO standpoint and search for any mistakes that you might be making currently. Then, my team will point out to you what might be wrong with your website and guide you in the right direction. If your website is not properly SEO optimized, you're literally losing thousands of dollars every month or even every week in business.
  • 7 Figure Dental Website

    From: $297.00 / month
    7 Figure Dental Website Package gives you the opportunity to focus on the dental business while our team takes care of your dental website.