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For more than eight decades, Benco has played a key role in advancing dentistry throughout the United States. We innovate for one reason: to create a measurably better customer experience. We hire top talent and partner with top vendors to deliver success, smile after smile.

We are Benco
Every day, Benco associates work together to deliver a measurably better customer experience. Focusing on the customer gives us an advantage that our larger competitors simply can’t match.

One Smile at a Time
A smile is a fortune. But you can’t buy it, you can’t sell it, you can’t steal it. And it’s no good to anyone until it’s given away. Giving away smiles, and helping customers create them for their patients, is what inspires us. And makes us better.

An edge on technology
When it comes to technology, we specialize in products and vendors that deliver more value per dollar. OneVisit™, our open CAD/CAM system, allows you to mix-and-match from five different vendors to get best-of-breed performance at a considerably lower cost of ownership. And our Herman Miller furniture line delivers more comfort for patients and team members—at a lower overall price.

Building Practices
Our sales reps are allies, not educators or financial planners. That’s why we partner with dentistry’s leading names in the areas that determine practice success. Each is a specialist who brings a passion for excellence to a narrow slice of dentistry. Practice solutions, delivered with experience.

Getting Involved
Our mission is ambitious and exciting. We are dedicated to improving the dental health and quality of life in our local communities and around the world.

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